2022/07/22 Company News

Oriental Watch Company Awarded“10 Years Plus Caring Company Logo”by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service


Since 2010, Oriental Watch Company has been consecutively awarded with HKCSS’s Caring Company Logo for 13 years as to commemorate and praise Oriental Watch Company efforts in giving back to our community.


This year, Oriental Watch Company upheld our “Take your Time” Campaign’s belief. Through diverse and innovative ideas, we organized a number of “Make the time, Share the Joy” children activities, with the aim of providing equal educational opportunities to children in Hong Kong. The events entails that of educating and encouraging children through STEM education, fusing science, architecture and mathematics into one subject in a fun and animated manner, in hopes to foster children’s creativity and imagination, steering away from traditional learning modules to aid them in their growth and help them explore their own potential.


Additionally, Oriental Watch Company enthusiastically grabs the opportunity to work with various organizations, collaborating to reach our civil duty of giving back to society. Hence, we were elated to attend “Barrier Busters 2021”, the largest event for experiencing and empathizing with the lifestyles and obstacles of disabled people, held by the Hong Kong Society for Rehabilitation. Simulating one’s loss of sight, hearing and limbs, or such other disabilities, Oriental Watch Company’s volunteers aim to experience the daily hardships of a handicapped person or someone with long-term illnesses, in hopes of increasing the public’s awareness towards such marginalized people, aiming to bring about a more equal and diverse thinking to society.


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