2022/06/29 Company News

“Make the Time, Share the Joy" -STEM - Watch Stopper Making

Each child is blessed with a bright and creative mind, as such everyone has the right and opportunity to learn. Yet, in the midst of this pandemic, education and operation all over the world seemed to be pushed. We had to re-examine the original service model.

Oriental Watch Company is sponsoring and working closely together with Hong Kong Children in Need Foundation, a non-profit organization which created a free self-learning online platform – Solab, to nurture every child’s limitless potential and expand their knowledge. In this project, children are encouraged to learn and program a timer app by Thunkable on Solab’s online platform, adhering to the theme of “Take Your Time”. This activity aims to be an accessible resource for anyone, to unleash their innate creative potential, allowing them to flourish in their element and develop their own element.

Check out and create your Take Your Time Watch Stopper on Solab: