2022/04/08 Company News

Announcement of speading the untrue statement and content against Oriental Watch Company

Recently, Oriental Watch (China) Trading Company Limited (hereinafter called “Oriental Watch” or “our Company”) has noticed that certain untrue statements and contents against Oriental Watch spread on the internet have severely damaged our Company’s reputation and caused extremely adverse effect on our Company. Accordingly, Oriental Watch hereby solemnly declares that:


1. Oriental Watch being an Authorized Retailer of various Brands, all watches for sale at its shops have duly complied with customs declaration procedures and requirements under the laws and regulations of China;

2. Oriental Watch hereby gives warning that please do not circulate and spread untrue statements and contents which would infringe our Company’s reputation. As to the above conduct, Oriental Watch reserves all its rights to claim against the wrongdoers who publish and circulate the untrue statements and contents by legal actions.