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Brand-New Flagship Store Flagship Store at QRC 50, Central

  •  2020-05-27

Moving into the brand-new premises, Oriental Watch Company fully utilises the space to create a modern, sophisticated environment for its customers to enjoy a brand-new shopping sensation, which is only a few steps away from the business centre of the City.

Oriental Watch Company Flagship Store
Address    :G/F & 1/F., 50 Queen’s Road C, Central, Hong Kong

Telephone:(852) 3400 0009





To accentuate the heritage of Oriental Watch Company and its elegant panache, the flagship store is painted in shades of light bronze gold, which match seamlessly with the Company’s signature colour, creating a modest ambiance. Furthermore, decorated with marble-patterned and aluminum-plated décor, the flagship shop embodies the simplistic yet chic aesthetics. Such contemporary beauty could also be seen in the design of the staircase that connects the two floors.




The second floor of the flagship store is well equipped with space-saving, multi-function furniture for an array of special occasions. With wheels attached and tracks leading them to their specific in-wall cupboards, all display showcases can be easily stored away for big-scaled, in-house events or PR activities. Furthermore, the VIP area, also located on the second floor, is installed with wall-mounted, fold-down tables that could be put in place for watch-making ateliers or different customer workshops dedicated to our dearest VIP members. The ‘Green Wall’ also provides a soothing and calming sensation to the customers who are eager to take a short break in between their purchases.



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