2023/05/16 Company News

Awarded at The Hong Kong MARKies Awards 2023

We are honored to be recognized that Oriental Watch Company's latest branding campaign, "Take Your Time to Rediscover the City" has been awarded a Bronze award in the Best Use of Content category at the Hong Kong MARKies Awards 2023.

The "Take Your Time to Rediscover the City" campaign was designed to take our audiences on a multisensory journey experienced the city's beauty via four different senses - Take Your Time to Taste, to Smell, to Listen, and to See. In this campaign, we invited representatives from four senses of Hong Kong to share their stories and experiences alongside the city. These representatives included local neon light Master Wu, tram driver Luk Man-wai who has dedicated 17 years of service to Hong Kong Tramways, Jonathan, the founder of a local aromatherapy brand, and the Haze and Long brothers from Milktealogy, who promote Hong Kong's cha chaan teng culture in comic and animation. Through their stories by showcasing the hidden gems of Hong Kong, we hoped to inspire Hong Kong people to magnify the senses with us and be inspired by the pulse of this city.


Take the time to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant culture - you will realize how much of a gem our hometown is. https://takeyourtime.orientalwatch.com/en/