2023/05/05 Company News

Explore the future of new retail

Oriental Watch Company and the Retail Industry Training and Consultation Committee jointly held the "Experience the Future of New Retail" workshop, commissioned by the Hong Kong Productivity Council's Inno Space, with the aim of leading secondary school students to explore the world of new retail, interact with industry professionals, and deepen their understanding of the future development direction of the watch retail industry.

The workshop aims to provide students with comprehensive knowledge of the retail industry and encourage them to consider a career in the watch industry. Students have the opportunity to learn from industry professionals, understand the latest market trends and marketing activities, explored and discuss methods of providing high-quality customer service.


The workshop content includes in-depth understanding of the business scope and prospects of Oriental Watch Company's retail industry, visiting the office and interacting with colleagues from different departments, as well as practical exercises to improve their problem-solving and critical thinking skills. This provides students with an unforgettable learning experience and a deep understanding of the necessary skills and opportunities in the watch retail industry. We will continue to work hard to provide students with more learning opportunities and resources to help them achieve their dreams and prepare for their future studies or careers.