2018/07/11 Company News

Announcement in Relation to Fraudulent Online Sales and Promotions Pretended to be Conducted by our Company

Dear Customers

Announcement is hereby made by our company to alert our customers that fraudulent sales pretended to be carried out by Oriental Watch Company and fraudulent promotional activities disguising as an anniversary event pretended to be held by Oriental Watch Company have been discovered by our company on various websites and electronic social media.  In order to protect our customers’ interests, we state as follows:-

1. Oriental Watch Company has not launched or authorized others to launch any anniversary promotional sales. Fraudulent online representations relating to the alleged 50th anniversary of Oriental Watch Company and the corresponding discounts offered are nothing but lies.  Our company has not carried out such promotional activities.

2. The official channels of sale and media of Oriental Watch Company are the official Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/orientalwatch), the official Wechat (owcwechat), the official website (https://www.orientalwatch.com) and the retail shops of Oriental Watch Company. Only products purchased through our official channels of sale will enjoy our after-sale service and consumer protection.

For any queries, customers are welcome to visit our retail shops or call our customer hotline no. +852 2815 8821 or 400 892 5595.  Please be alert to fraudulent messages and to avoid being defrauded.