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Oriental Watch Company as Title Sponsor of the Latest Pearl Television Show ‘Spectacular Tuesday– Island of the Monsoon’

  •  2019-11-25

Oriental Watch Company decided to continue to sponsor Pearl Television shows in 2019, including the ‘Spectacular Tuesday’ television series.  The wildlife documentary ‘Island of the Monsoon’ will be show cast from 12 November, 2019.

On 11 November 2019, Pearl Television organised a press conference to promote the 'Oriental Watch Company Spectacular Tuesday presents: ‘Island of the Monsoon’ at the TVB City.  During the press conference, artists, such as Miss Ka Man Wong, Fei Wong, Ku Pui Ling, Thye Cho Yee , Kwok Tin Chun , Chow Yik Wai , gathered at the venue to support the event.



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