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Moritz Grossmann X Oriental Watch Company VIP Cocktail and Watch Appreciation Experience Workshop

  •  2019-09-24

To celebrate Moritz Grossmann officially launched at Oriental Watch Company, a VIP cocktail party was held at at Oriental Watch Company in the Oriental Watch flagship store at 50 Queen’s Road Central on 19th September.


Christine Hutter, CEO of Moritz Grossmann, shared their brand ethos and craftmanship in watchmaking with the guest in the event. For this special occasion, the brand's hand maker travelled from Germany and demonstrated the process of making Moritz Grossmann's signature brown-violet watch hands. Guests were also invited to experience the annealing process. Moritz Grossmann's collection were featured in the event which also included the 2019 novelties: the Corner Stone - the brand's first rectangular watch series; and the Hamatic - a self-winding watch with an unique hammer winding mechanism. Guests were invited to try on and appreciate the outstanding hand-finishing as well as the excellency of German watchmaking.



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