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Eight Oriental Fine Gentlemen epitomise “There is a Gentleman in Every Man”

Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday has become an annual sensation in Hong Kong since its first edition. This year, Oriental Watch Company will join hands with The Hong Kong Jockey Club once again to present the Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday to be held on 21st October 2018 at Sha Tin Racecourse. Racegoers are invited to attend the races in attires adorned with bow ties or bow-related elements to grace the event with elegance and glamour. To further promote the virtue of gentlemen to the larger public, Oriental Watch Company invited eight distinctive gentlemen in the city, featuring gentlemen attire matched with a bow tie and spectacular timepiece to interpret their own style of gentleman, calling for everyone to support the Bow Tie Raceday. 

The eight Oriental Fine Gentlemen are Mr. Dennis Yeung, Managing Director of Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, Mr. Alan See, Co-founder of The Armoury, Dr. Albert Wong, MH, President of Eastern Worldwide Co. Ltd cum President of Hong Kong Guoshu Association, Mr. Carson Chan, Head of Mission, Greater China, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, renowned actor Mr. Jason Chan, renowned actor Mr. Kwok Fung, renowned horse trainer Mr. Frankie Lor, and renowned jockey Mr. Derek Leung. Despite the differences in their backgrounds and life stories, they do have one quality in common – There is a Gentleman in Every Man.

Mr. Dennis Yeung, Managing Director of Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, remarks, “‘There is a gentleman in every man’ illustrates our belief that regardless of background, age, hobby, profession… every man is born with the quality of a gentleman, whether it is his devotion to work, self-respect, appreciation for others, commitment, grit, care for his family and friends, and so on. The meaning of the Raceday goes beyond dressing up but encouraging all to discover the gentleman within themselves. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite all racegoers to support the theme of Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday and attend the races on 21st October in attires adorned with bow ties or bow-related elements. I look forward to seeing the racecourse once again graced with elegantly-dressed ladies and gentlemen.”


Mr. Alan See is the Co-founder of The Armoury, a menswear boutique focusing on well-crafted men’s products. Alan fell in love with men’s clothing and accessories since he put on his first suit when he was a teenager, leading him to start The Armoury with his friend. The menswear house owner stresses that the look is just the beginning, further elaborating his perception of a gentleman with the origin of bow tie, “Bow tie originated from cravat in the 18th century, it started as a trend amongst professionals that work with their hands, such as doctors and architects. They did not want the long tie to disrupt their work, but still want to show self-respect, the cravat eventually evolved into bow tie to facilitate. So it is indeed very true to say that a bow tie is a symbol of dedication and professionalism.” In modern time, bow tie has transformed from a dress code for formal occasion into a fashion item. Alan remarks, “A man of taste should be willing to explore and understand himself, showing confidence in his own style that is cultivated from experience and knowledge. A gentleman should always improve himself to a point until he finds the style that truly represents himself, that makes him feel confident. I believe every man can be a gentleman, and there is a gentleman in every man.”



Dr. Albert Wong, MH, President of Eastern Worldwide Co. Ltd cum President of Hong Kong Guoshu Association, started learning Chinese martial arts since young. Dr. Wong assimilates the concept of gentleman in the West with that of the East, which both expects excellence on the inside and outside. On the inside, a gentleman should be patient, polite and sincere; on the outside, a gentleman should be tidy and clean, dressing and acting appropriately all the time. Dr. Wong is famous for his huge collection of ties, which he regards as a token of a gentleman. It is less common for people to wear a bow tie nowadays, which in turns making it a special item for showing respect as well as personal taste. In business, the martial art master still sticks firmly to his beliefs by keeping his promises and honouring moral principles that combine the best of the both worlds with action. He states, “Gentlemen in the West and the East share the same ideas, they both seek beauty of different facets. Studying martial arts makes me realise my inadequacy, which prompts me to be humble, to respect myself, respect others and treasure everything in my life. No matter one is from the Orient or the West, a gentleman should always deliver positive glamour.”


A watch is an accessory for showcasing a men’s taste. Working in the luxury watch industry for years, Mr. Carson Chan, Head of Mission, Greater China, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, is dedicated to promoting Haute Horlogerie to the world. Mr. Chan is interested in mechanical intricacies; therefore his perspective is not only confined to watches and cars, but also cameras, even typewriters. He now travels around the globe to uphold Haute Horlogerie and the gentleman’s culture behind. Mr. Chan explained, “A gentleman in the old English world probably means being polite or having all the correct social etiquettes and dressing in a certain way. A modern day gentleman is all of the above, but also the quality to be honest, punctual and compassionate. Today, with all the gadgets we have, a watch’s original function is no longer relevant. Therefore, a mechanical watch in this day and age, it is more similar to a work of art. Your understanding and your personal view towards a watch reflect your taste and values. This, to me, is the greatest joy and pleasure in appreciating a mechanical timepiece.”


Joining the entertainment industry in 2003, Mr. Jason Chan has given life to many TV dramas characters. Stepping out of the spotlight, the actor has just become a father few weeks ago. While busy taking care of his wife, Sarah Song, who is also a renowned actress, and their infant child, he refuses to let his glamour as a gentleman fade. To Jason, a gentleman is more than just the looks. A real gentleman should take responsibilities for himself, his family and others. A gentleman is about one’s mind, with a noble heart comes a beautiful face. And being a gentleman would also be the best lesson that a father can give to his children. He remarks, “Dressing appropriately is how a gentleman shows respect to himself. A bow tie is the right choice for formal occasion. Moreover, a gentleman is more than just the looks; a gentleman should love his family, his partner and his children. Since my son was born, I have been busy taking caring of my family in every way I can, that, to me, is how a gentleman should be.”



On TV, Mr. Kwok Fung could be a big villain or a great father, but when the camera does not focus on him, he is also a fan of motor racing, diving and skydiving. Kwok Fung always gives his best despite the role he was assigned to. Only by doing his part perfectly, studying the scripts and analysing the synopsis, can he shape a lively character, living up to being a professional actor. The persistence of an actor and the demeanour of a gentleman are similar, aside from taste and the urge to live to the fullest, it is all about one’s heart. A suit and a bowtie are the manifestation of self-cultivation and character. One wears a bow tie not for the looks, but to respect the occasion, respect others and respect oneself, very much like a supporting actor, always giving his best to make the drama whole. He added, “A gentleman is not only about his look, but his heart. Professionalism, appreciation for people and things around yourself, keeping promises, making good choices and sticking to it… these are all the virtues that a gentleman should possess. I have been in the entertainment industry for over four decades, be my role a protagonist, a supporting actor, a hero, or a villain, as long as I am in the role, I always give my best. Just like a bow tie, never the protagonist, but always the icing on the cake.”



Started as a jockey, and now one of the most-respected horse trainers in Hong Kong, Mr. Frankie Lor has lived the dauntlessness and perseverance that only a true gentleman would possess. Mr. Lor said, “As a horse trainer, I fully understand the importance of time, and the significance of being ‘timely’. A horse is like an unpolished gemstone, a horse trainer should acquaint with a horse’s strengths, weaknesses, character and status, providing appropriate training in a timely manner so as to develop the full potential of the horse, building the foundation for the wins to come. For human or for horse, time and experience are an integral part of being successful. To me, a gentleman is one who withstands challenges, insightful, principled, and reliable.”


A graduate of Hong Kong’s Apprentice Jockeys’ School and the winner of Tony Cruz Award as the leading home-grown rider, renowned jockey Mr. Derek Leung exemplifies how to be an energetic young gentleman. He remarked, “Some would consider horseracing a sport of time, and speed is the only winning factor. This is half right because speed aside, ‘accuracy’ is also a crucial ingredient. Winning is far beyond the finishing line, positioning, swerving, retreating, overtaking… but accuracy. As a jockey and an athlete, mental quality is just as important as techniques. Only with patience can one march bravely towards the target under pressure and exploit the full potential of a horse. I consider coping with pressure a virtue of a gentleman.”



To showcase the unique style of the eight Oriental Fine Gentlemen, Oriental Watch Company invited the Gentlemen to lead an example by dressing up and matching with a timepiece that brings out the charisma of their own. Mr. Dennis Yeung showcased the Endeavour Flying Hours by H. Moser & Cie., Mr. Alan See showcased the SBGH255 model by Grand Seiko, Dr. Albert Wong, MH showcased the Golden Bridge Round 43mm by CORUM, Mr. Carson Chan showcased the 1815 Annual Calendar by A. Lange & Söhne, Mr. Jason Chan showcased the Portofino Hand-wound Moon Phase Edition “150 Years” by IWC, Mr. Kwok Fung showcased the Kalpagraphe Chronomètre by Parmigiani Fleurier, Mr. Frankie Lor showcased the Vanguard™ 7 Days Power Reserve Skeleton by FRANCK MULLER, and Mr. Derek Leung showcased the Altiplano Ultimate 910P by Piaget. Each of them exuding distinct personal charm, they set a perfect example for those who are going to participant in Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday, and encourage every man to unveil the gentleman hidden in themselves.


Stay tuned with us for more details on the coming Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday 2018.

Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday 2018

Date    : 21st October, 2018 (Sunday)
Venue : Sha Tin Racecourse