CASIO G-SHOCK “The Masterpiece in Oriental Haze” product launch event

  •  2017-08-22


On 10 August 2017, Casio hosted a grand Product Launch Event with VIPs cocktail party at the Oriental Watch flagship store in Central QRC100. Mr. Kikuo Ibe, “Father of G-SHOCK” was invited to present the history of G-SHOCK and the design philosophy of MRG-G2000HT (Kasumi-Tsuchime). The limited edition of 500 watches will be sold worldwide.   


In order to realize the MRG-G2000HT concepts of integrating traditional Japanese craftsmanship with advanced Casio technologies, Casio collaborated with Mr. Michael Lau, also known as “The Godfather of Urban Vinyl Figure” to create an art piece which was themed by the elements of traditional Japanese craftsmanship such as , tsuiki technique , Japanese warriors and dragons. Mr. Kikuo Ibe, Mr. Michael Lau, General Manager of Oriental Watch Company Limited, Mr. Stanley Lam and Multi M Company Limited, Mr Mak were joined to celebrate the debut of MRG-G2000HT and enjoyed the glorious evening with premium timepieces.


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