2015/11/01 Watches News

Haute Horlogerie Exhibition


Arnold & Son Haute Horlogerie Exhibition


With more than 250 years of fine watchmaking experience and pay tribute to John Arnold, one of the renowned watchmakers in the history for precise and relentless pursuit of innovation technology, the headquarter of Arnold and Son in La Chaux-de-Fonds at the heart of Swiss watchmaking industry upholds the British watchmaking heritage and divided the collections into two distinct segments: the Royal Collection and the Instrument Collection. Arnold and Son belongs to a selected group of watchmaking companies in Switzerland entitled to be called as a manufacture, who develop and produce their own movements in-house and designs dedicated movement for each collection. This year, the brand will exhibit at Oriental Watch Company’s flagship store in Central on November with a series of high complication and Métiers d’Art timepieces.



Date: 1-30 Nov, 2015

Address: Oriental Watch Company, 100 Queen’s Road C., Central Enquiry

Hotline:(852) 3470 0009


Golden Wheel is the highlight of 2015 novelties and it’s the world’s first combination of true beat seconds and wandering hour watch. The patented Golden Wheel deftly reflects the brand’s ingenuity and commitment to Haute Horlogerie, it is a unique three-dimensional interpretation of the ancient wandering hours complication from the mid-17th century, inspired by British watchmaking heritage and reinvent a new, perpetuating the long tradition of wandering hour watches. The manufacture movement was 3 years in the making from concept to development, the superlative technology and watchmaking expertise inherent in this movement is further enhanced by the fact that Arnold & Son has made the mechanism visible from the dial side in spectacular glory and elevates many of the other movement parts for an incredible three-dimensional allure.

The wandering hours function, also known as a jumping digital hours indication, occupies the top arc of the watch dial (from 10 o’clock to 2 o’clock). Beneath it, Arnold & Son fills the time-carrousel of the Golden Wheel with a true beat seconds hand from the central axis – adding visual complexity and elegant motion. The true beat seconds (sometimes referred to as dead beat seconds) is a specialty of Arnold & Son. The precision function enables the seconds to beat incrementally as opposed to sweeping along the dial – allowing for more accurate reading.

The magnificent A&S6018 movement for Golden Wheel is housed in a superb 44 mm 18-carat red gold case, with a limited edition of 125 timepieces.



In addition, the Constant Force Tourbillon which features a patented constant force device 60-second tourbillon and true beat seconds, plus HM flower and TB Tiger that feature decorative arts, reflects the brand’s prowess in professional fine watchmaking, all are classic not to be missed.