2021/11/12 Watches News

Oriental Watch Company presents “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment”

It is with much delight that Oriental Watch Company, the renowned watch retailer that is highly respected by movers and shakers of the prestigious watchmaking industry, watch collectors and enthusiasts, celebrates its 60th anniversary. Rooted in Hong Kong, the Company has never ceased to excel in the aspects of expertise, services and business strategies, while striving with Hong Kong at all times. As the time indication on a watch dial may suggest, “60” represents completion as well as the beginning of the future; similarly, the Diamond Jubilee is a memorable milestone as well as the starting point of a new era.

Following the earlier launch of the “Take Your Time” promotional videos, Oriental Watch Company is taking the theme of cherishing and savouring every moment in life to the next level through a multi-sensory experience. In collaboration with the iconic and chic Madame Fù, the tailor-made “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment” menu will be served from 22nd November to 10th December 2021, inviting the public to enjoy a feast that pleases much more than only their taste buds. The delectable banquet combines spectacular artistic creations and delicacies that manifest the theme, inspiring the exploration and reflection on the essence of time.

“The Discovery of Time ~ 1961”, a painting installation created by award-winning local artist Sim Chan, who utilises compressed layers of paint to convey the metaphor of time. The artist applies a unique colour for each month on the seemingly ordinary calendar. He first outlines all the grids that represent the number of days in a year. Subsequently, starting from the second day of each month, he overpaints the grids until the end of the month. The steps are repeated from the third day, and so on. When the 30 days of each month are filled with colours, a year has been fulfilled. This quasi-mechanical mode of painting connotes the artist's perception of time in an artistic way. Through the pattern on the 1961 calendar, which is the focus of this painting, Oriental Watch Company leads the audience back to 1961, the year the Company was established, experiencing the essence of the passage of time.

A media lunch was held to kick off the “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment” celebration. Located in Hong Kong declared monument Tai Kwun, Madame Fù is famous for its exquisite decorations combining East meets West elements and stylish delicacies with ingenuity.

The menu of “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment” was meticulously designed by Kit Liao, Head Chef of Madame Fù. Each and every dish on the menu embodies the spirit of “take your time to enjoy the art of time, take your time to taste exquisite delicacies, take your time to savour the sublimation of wisdom”.

Golden Years (Red Golden Shrimp Dumpling / Spiced Green Jade Tower with Razor Clam / Golden Pork Belly with Mustard) andDiamond Jubilee (Steamed Egg Custard, Lobster and Caviar)


Precious Memories (Organic Matsumoto Mushroom, Pan-fried Beef Tenderloin with French Onion Sauce) and Sweet Moments (Vanilla Panna Cotta topped with Fresh Berries)


Oriental Watch Company X Madame Fù “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment” Menu:

Oriental Watch Company X Madame Fù “Take Your Time – Savour the Moment” Reservation Details:

Date:From 21 November to 10 December 2021

Address: 3rd Floor, Tai Kwun, No. 10 Hollywood Road, Central District, Hong Kong

Email: reservations@madamefu.com.hk

Telephone: +852 2114 2118

Reservation: madamefu.com.hk