2021/01/26 Watches News

Oriental Watch Company x G-SHOCK MR-G “Kachi-iro” Watch Exhibition


From now until 31 March, you can purchase the new CASIO G-SHOCK MR-G "kachi-iro" series at the Yau Ma Tei branch of Oriental Watch Company. The MRG-B2000B-1A, MRG-B2000R-1A and MRG-B1000BA-1A adopt the traditional Japanese samurai warrior aesthetic of the "kachi-iro" theme. The shock resistant design in combination with the Winning Color kachi-iro creates a tasteful and polished grandeur. The astounding "kachi-iro" series is exhibited in parallel with a variety of popular G-SHOCK FULL METAL and METAL COVERED watches. The MR-G "kachi-iro" series and other exhibited models are currently available for sale at the Yau Ma Tei branch of Oriental Watch Company. Please visit the exhibition and purchase within the exhibition period.



Oriental Watch Company x  G-SHOCK MR-G “Kachi-iro” Watch Exhibition

Date       : Now to 31 March 2021
Venue    : G/F, Kowloon Building, 555 Nathan Road, Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon
Enquiry  : (852) 2384 8103n


The dark navy-blue color with a long history in Japan symbolizes the very spirit of the samurai warrior, the winning color “kachi-iro” was preferred by samurai, and was often used for armor and helmets to display the beauty of traditional Japanese colors. The MR-G styled with the winning color embodies the ‘Soul of Victory’ like a samurai, and is assured to bring the tough conviction of G-SHOCK to every corner.



The appearance of the three G-SHOCK models is full of toughness and grandeur, infused with iconic samurai elements and displaying a sense of rock solid intensity. Three different types of tough and stylish appearance full of grandeur, and infused with iconic samurai elements, highlighting its unyielding intensity. The MRG-B2000B is a full metal band model. The cases are made of recrystallized titanium. Heat treating titanium creates a distinctive crystal pattern on its surface, which resembles the “Nie” on Japanese sword blades. The MRG-B2000R model comes with a durable fluorine rubber band with the distinctive Bishamon tortoise shell finish of Bishamonten armor, a symbol of strength in Japan since ancient times, giving it a unique texture.


In addition, the exhibition also exhibits G-SHOCK's new METAL AWM-500 series full metal analog digital watches, and the popular G-SHOCK FULL METAL GMW-B5000 full metal series in recent years. Several series of ladies’ watches, including the latest GM-S5600 ladies G-SHOCK METAL COVERED watch series, and, BABY-G G-MS brand new MSG-S600 series with sports and fashion elements, and BABY-G MSG-S500G series for ladies who personalize their styles.