2019/04/12 Watches News

ROMAGO SWISS presents Royal Master Sapphire

ROMAGA SWISS is always passionate about creating exceptional timepieces by using proven Swiss watchmaking mastery. ROMAGO SWISS creations are distinctively original and timeless. Royal Master Sapphire is a totally new design. Every stage in the creation process of this skeletal wristwatch, such as design sketches, assembly and quality control, is meticulously managed to ensure the timepiece satisfies the demands of discerning watch lovers. Royal Master Sapphire, a brand new collection, is an expression of ROMAGO SWISS perfection and also a sought after collector’s item. Swiss master watchmakers cut the square watch case from rare and precious sapphire that radiates alluring brilliance.

A grand launch to showcase the newest wristwatch was hosted at Oriental Watch Company flagship store on 4 April, 2019. The Brand ambassador and award-winning star Joe Ma and his on-screen partner Kate Tsui were invited to show off their personal flair.


Joe Ma revealed he has been a ROMAGO SWISS fan since 2014 because ROMAGO SWISS timepieces ideally complemented his lifestyle. Joe added, “I’ve been a partner of ROMAGO SWISS for some years. I appreciate their insistence on quality and the uniqueness of the design. As for the Royal Master Sapphire on my wrist, I really do love the 360 degrees transparency of the exquisite skeletal design as I can see the components moving. It feels sturdy and dependable, and sapphire is actually as hard as diamond. It comes with a silicon strap and an extra real crocodile leather strap for different occasions.”

During the proceedings, special guest Kate Tsui appeared to show her support for ROMAGO SWISS. She then took a first look at the painstakingly created brand new timepiece. As a jewelry designer, Kate transformed into a connoisseur of fine jewelry. “I’ve fallen in love at first sight of Royal Master Sapphire. Square sapphires can be specifically cut to reveal their distinctive brilliance and clarity. This new creation is not only a watch, but also a piece of jewelry and looks like it’s going to be a collector’s item,” said Kate. To sincerely thank his on-screen partner, Joe, on behalf of ROMAGO SWISS, offered a Royal Master Sapphire to Kate as a gift. He even put it on her wrist on the spot. Kate was overjoyed. The stylish 46.5mm pink Royal Master Sapphire made its debut. Light pink tones exuded a feminine and refreshingly mellow aura, which absolutely accentuated Kate’s personal style.



Royal Master Sapphire in equipped with an automatic movement and comes in ten colors, namely, Glacier White, Icy Blue and Rosie Red, and Greta, Margarita, and Viola, which are designed with a diamond set bezel, and new and trendy yellow, green, purple and pink, bringing more blissful vibrancy to the metropolis.

Innovation to bring forth personal charm
ROMAGO SWISS always strives to be innovative in the realm of watchmaking. In recent years, limited edition timepieces have been periodically launched. Royal Master Sapphire features iconic large square skeletal design and sapphire watch case such that fascinating moving components can be clearly viewed.
The totally transparent sapphire watch case revealing the advanced Swiss automatic movement is simply eye-catching. It has water resistance up to 50 meters. Four cross-shaped screws on the bezel are like four sophisticated shining stars. Royal Master Sapphire is a stylish companion for all occasions as it comes with interchangeable straps.

A semi-transparent strap adds playful touches to the transparent watch. An alligator strap transforms the timepiece into an ideal accessory for the dapper gentlemen. An optional diamond bezel adds further elegant touches.

Precious creation by superlative craftsmanship Every uncut sapphire selected for making the watch case must not have bubbles, cracks or impurities. It just has to be perfect. Sapphire shines and sparkles just like diamond. The wristwatch is also a work of art as well as a piece of jewelry. ROMAGO SWISS is the foremost leader in making sapphire wristwatches, which even come in seven colors.

Sapphire is as hard as diamond. Making a sapphire watch case involves cutting, grinding and polishing in 62 angles. Any error during the process renders the sapphire useless. So making a sapphire watch case is an aptitude test for watchmakers, who must be perfectionists. Due to scarcity of sapphires and technical complexities, less than 50 Royal Master Sapphire timepieces are produced every month. The limited supply adds to its value.