2018/09/18 Watches News

Sensational Bow Tie Walk featuring Champion Jockey Zac Purton and eight Oriental Gentlemen

Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday has become an annual sensation in Hong Kong since its first edition. This year, Oriental Watch Company will join hands with The Hong Kong Jockey Club once again to present the Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday to be held on 21st October 2018 at Sha Tin Racecourse. Racegoers are invited to attend the races in attires adorned with bow ties or bow-related elements to grace the event with elegance and glamour. To further promote the virtue of gentlemen to the larger public and call for the gentlemen to support the Bow Tie Raceday, Oriental Watch Company held the Bow Tie Walk in the afternoon of 14th September 2018, followed by the Fine Gentlemen Evening, advocating this year’s theme “There is a Gentleman in Every Man”, giving 2018 Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday a stylish and lively head start.






Spirited gentlemen including the eight Oriental Fine Gentlemen namely, Mr. Dennis Yeung, Managing Director of Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, Mr. Alan See, Co-founder of The Armoury, Dr. Albert Wong, MH, President of Eastern Worldwide Co. Ltd cum President of Hong Kong Guoshu Association, Mr. Carson Chan, Head of Mission, Greater China, Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, renowned actor Mr. Jason Chan, renowned actor Mr. Kwok Fung, renowned horse trainer Mr. Frankie Lor, and renowned jockey Mr. Derek Leung, in company with special guest Hong Kong Champion Jockey Mr. Zac Purton, representatives from watch brands and friends of the media, gathered at Causeway Bay, the city’s most trendy and buoyant area, all dressed up in graceful gentlemen attires, matched with bow ties and magnificent timepieces, making a bold statement for various interpretations of a fine gentlemen. After a group photo at the rendezvous point to commemorate the occasion, the company took off from Hysan Place, parading through the streets in the bustling district to The Millions in Happy Valley Racecourse, the venue where the Fine Gentlemen Evening would take place. The troop created a major sensation in the course, their handsome outfits and elegant demeanours also attracted many to stay and observe. Bow Tie Walk successfully staged a massive rally for Bow Tie Raceday, openly inviting men around the street corners to discover the gentleman in themselves.








Right after the party arrived at The Millions, a ceremony was held to kick off the 2018 Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday. Mistress of Ceremony Ms Elaine Wong invited Mr. Anthony Tsang, Senior Marketing Manager, Greater China Region, of Oriental Watch Company on stage to explain the whole concept of Bow Tie Walk, Fine Gentlemen Evening and 2018 Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday, after which the special guest of the day – Hong Kong Champion Jockey Mr. Zac Purton was invited on stage to elaborate on his perception of a gentleman. Often seen racing in his colourful silk, Mr. Purton was invited to an earlier photo-shoot, promoting the 2018 Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday. Also all dressed up for the Bow Tie Walk and Fine Gentlemen Evening, he explained that, in his opinion, a gentleman can be one of any age or any background, one who holds onto a set of values or one who emphasises on the sense of obligation for others, the world, his career, and his family. He remarked, “One of the defining qualities of a gentleman is dedication. A gentleman always gives his best at what he does. For me, it is to tap the potential of the horses I ride. Time – matters of split seconds – makes the difference of winning and losing.”








Mr. Jason Chan and Mr. Kwok Fung, two of the Oriental Fine Gentlemen, were also invited on stage to share their views on how to be a veritable gentleman. The two actors happened to unanimously agree that the charisma of a gentleman should come from the inside. A gentleman should be more than just the look and should possess good qualities in attitude, conduct and morality.







Ms Elaine Wong then invited Mr. William Nader, Director of Racing Business and Operations of The Hong Kong Jockey Club, Mr. Zac Purton and all the eight Oriental Fine Gentlemen to officiate the toasting ceremony.








After that, followed by a lucky draw, offering attractive prizes to the participants of the Bow Tie Walk: a Grand Seiko timepiece, a bottle of Hudson Manhattan Rye Whisky, a bottle of Hudson Baby Bourbon Whisky and a bottle of Kininvie 23 Years Old Single Malt Whisky, sponsored by Leung Yick Company Limited. The lucky draw and prize presentation was hosted by Mr. Dennis Yeung, Mr. Alan See, Mr. Jason Chan and Mr. Kwok Fung respectively, bringing a joyful completion to the ceremony.

Mr. Dennis Yeung, Managing Director of Oriental Watch Holdings Limited, remarked, “We are delighted to work hand in hand with The Hong Kong Jockey Club again to host Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday. The theme this year ‘There is a gentleman in every man’ illustrates our belief that regardless of background, age, hobby, and profession, every man is born with the quality of a gentleman. With this belief in mind, we hosted Bow Tie Walk as an incentive to encourage every man to unveil the gentleman in themselves. On behalf of the organizer, I would also like to take this opportunity to invite all racegoers to support the theme of Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday and attend the races on 21st October in attires adorned with bow ties or bow-related elements. I look forward to seeing the racecourse once again graced with elegantly-dressed ladies and gentlemen.”

Renowned actor Mr. Kwok Fung remarked, “A gentleman is not only about his look, but his heart. Professionalism, appreciation for people and things around yourself, keeping promises, making good choices and sticking to it… these are all the virtues that a gentleman should possess. I have been in the entertainment industry for over four decades, be my role a protagonist, a supporting actor, a hero, or a villain, as long as I am in the role, I always give my best. Just like a bow tie, never the protagonist, but always the icing on the cake.”

Renowned actor Mr. Jason Chan remarked, “A gentleman is always appropriate. For formal occasions, it is only respectful to get fully dressed with a bow tie. Moreover, a real gentleman should be loving, passionate and caring to his family, wife and children, apart from the look. Since my first child was born, I have been helping with groceries and baby products, taking care every need of one’s family is also one of the qualities that a gentleman should possess.”

The guests were then invited to enjoy the Fine Gentlemen Evening featuring activity booths such as coffee and tea tasting by Toasting Living, bi.du.haev、AMP Café Independent Roaster, whisky tasting by Whisky by Eddie Nara, natural essence oil experience by Esscentric, eyewear by The Owner, and menswear by The Armoury. In addition to a bow tie, a tasteful timepiece serves as the finishing touch to a perfect gentlemen attire. Watch images from the supporting brands of the Raceday – A. Lange & Söhne, CORUM, FRANCK MULLER, Grand Seiko, H. Moser & Cie., IWC, Parmigiani, and Piaget immediately caught the attention of the guests who were enthusiastically getting themselves ready for the sensational 2018 Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday to be held in the coming month.




Stay tuned with us for more details on the coming Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday 2018.

Oriental Watch Sha Tin Trophy Gentlemen’s Bow Tie Raceday 2018
Date    : 21st October, 2018 (Sunday)
Venue : Sha Tin Racecourse