2023/05/15 Company News

Oriental Watch Company x Tudor - Discover the 2023 Tudor Watches Private Event

Together with Tudor Watch, an exclusive preview of "Discover the 2023 Tudor Watches " was co-hosted at the Oriental Watch VIP lounge. The entire series of 2023 Tudor watches were presented including Black Bay, Black Bay GMT and Tudor Royal. During the event, guests were introduced to the new TUDOR manufacture in Le Locle, Switzerland, which was completed in 2021. This new state-of-the art facility, bringing together the know-how of watchmakers in the best in production management and automated systems to meet TUDOR’s superior standards.

Explore Tudor watches online: :https://onlinestore.orientalwatch.com/en/brands/tudor/watch

Discover Tudor watches : :https://www.orientalwatch.com/oriental_watch_shop.aspx?lang=eng&area=hk