More Than Sixty Years of Experience
Our Rolex Experience

Oriental Watch Company has a strong management and operation team. With the expertise in running watch retail business, the Company has established firm and close relationships with the customers. The thoughtful and cautious, yet innovative strategy also won the trust and support from the leading brands – Rolex & Tudor. Today, Oriental Watch Company has become the most well-known and trustworthy brand in the Great China region.
rolex our team - Oriental Watch Company
Customer is Our Friend
Oriental Watch Company treats the customers as friends, and hoping every customer can enjoy not only the pleasure of getting the best timepiece and services, but also the close friendship with the company. The professional sales team are all well-trained and strike to provide comprehensive and knowledgeable advices accompany with sincere and premium after-sale services to each customer. Customers purchase at any outlet under Oriental Watch Company entitles to the cross-border repair and maintenance services in the region raised by the great distribution network.
rolex our team - Oriental Watch Company
Happy Moment with Top Quality of Services and Products
Oriental Watch Company realize that the buying experience is very critical when the customer purchase a luxury timepiece. The company hope the customers to find it fruitful and enjoyable. Besides constantly upgrading the service standard and knowledge of the staff, the company devote many resources to well-designed outlets to give the customer an unforgettable experience.
rolex our team - Oriental Watch Company
Legacy and Everlasting
Each of Oriental Watch Company’s staff is knowledgeable and well equipped with first hand watch information. Many of them have been working in the Company for years and are devoted to the Company. A close, reliable and long-term relationship not only developed between the staff and customers, but also between the staff and the Company. It is this bonding, as well as the memory we shared contribute to the success of the Company.